Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I Heart Today: Styleyourlifeblog.com

I love, I die, I heart, so many words describe how I feel about this blog.  Styleyourlifeblog.com is a life changer for me, it's like I have a stylist living with me.  She knows, she just somehow knows exactly what I would like and what would look good on me.  Jennifer from San Diego is the fabulous voice behind this blog and she works as a Stylist/Personal shopper, styling both wardrobes and rooms.  I get great ideas from her blog posts but she also offers her services virtually at very reasonable rates!  For just $5 she will send you a questionnaire and provide you with a virtual "look" including all of the stores and prices to purchase your outfit.  I plan on doing this sometime soon (when I take off a few more baby pounds).  But in the meantime I just purchased the navy stripe boatneck, yellow shorts, and sandals in the above look she posted on her blog, I'm headed to Palm Springs in March. Happy virtual shopping!