Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I Heart Today: New Year's Resolution #2

My second new year's goal is to become a better photographer.  I have a great camera, the Nikon D40, that I've had for about 3 years and still barely know how to do more with it than point and click.  I saw this great tutorial on holiday bokeh (I didn't know what bokeh was either but go check it out, it's so pretty!), and next year I want to be able to shoot my own holiday bokeh.  I tried to do it this year but I don't know my camera well enough to know how to change the aperture.  I did look at the owner's manual and couldn't even understand the directions it gave on controlling aperture, so I've decided to start with page one.

What about you, do you have any new year's goals?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I Heart Today: New Year's Resolution #1

That's right, I have resolved to complete the task I'm about to tell you about!

I would like to fill the Etsy shop I just opened, partiesiheart, with party printables (I do the design, you do the printing) paired with these great favor bags I designed for my daughter's birthday party.  And today I'm going to give you a sneak peak into the first party I'll be listing in my Etsy store.

The party all started with this fabric by Ann Kelle which I made into my daughter's first birthday dress.

From here I designed a butterfly invite.

And then I made these great reusable snack bags that the kids will use as favor bags and fill them with candy from the dessert bar.  Butterflies are for the girls and whales are for the boys.
A butterfly birthday will be the first theme I add to the store, the reusable snack bags are available now with free shipping!  I'm just waiting for my daughter's birthday party to get photos of all the printables I designed.  So what do you think?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I Heart Today: Gracie's First Santa Visit

Today we took Gracie for her first visit with Santa, we waited in line for two hours.
 I even let Gracie wear her new birthday shoes (even though her birthday isn't until January, 6th).
Wondering how it went?
I just love the picture!

Luckily I was able to get a happier one in front of the tree a little later.
Happy holidays!

Monday, December 20, 2010

What I Heart Today: Jonathan Adler

I was first introduced to the world of Jonathan Adler a few years ago when I stayed at a hotel he decorated called The Parker in Palm Springs.  If you've never heard of The Parker you simply must check it out, it's a beautiful, design lovers oasis on the outskirts of downtown Palm Springs.  Just take a look at the pool side set-up below.  I'm constantly dreaming of a set-up like this at my house.

I immediately fell in love with Jonathan Adler's design style that he calls "happy chic" which was evident all over the grounds of this gorgeous, laid-back hotel.

There's a few of Jonathan's pieces that I've been drooling over for many year's.  Maybe if I'm really good santa will bring me one of them at some point in my life :)

1.  The first is the Richard Nixon throw:

2.  The second is this great zebra rug:
Is there anything on your decor list that you're hoping santa brings you this year?

Friday, December 17, 2010

What I Heart Today: Palm Springs

As the temperature dips here I've got my mind on a warm, sunny place that I'll be visiting in March.  One of my favorite quick getaways from Seattle, Palm Springs.

Join me over at deliciousbaby for photo Friday!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I Heart Today: My Christmas Card

And the shutterfly winning card is...  #3!  This is a scan of our Christmas card, so sorry about the less than stellar quality.  This is the first time I used shutterfly and I have to say it was very easy and turned out great!  Their new premium card stock is beautiful and they had so many great designs it was hard to choose, so thank you for choosing for me.  If you're still in the market for cards they're now 20% off!  I suppose there's still time to get cards ordered and out!

I will definitely be using shutterfly again, I've already got my eye on this adorable ornament!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I Heart Today: My White Christmas Tree

That's right, you heard me, I said a "white Christmas tree."  Two years ago during, one of the heaviest snowfalls I can remember, on the morning after Christmas at 7am my husband got up and drove me to Target to pick this bad boy up 50% off.  I love my white tree!  I think I'm still working on the decorations but for now it's up and I love it.  It's my daughter's first Christmas and she squeals every time I plug in the Christmas tree, it's so cute!  My husband and I are mid-century modern fans so this tree fits our household quite well.  I figure I'll only get to enjoy it for a few more years while my daughter is still too young to know to hate it and beg for a real tree :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I Heart Today: Mouse House Creations

During my 12 Days of Etsy Christmas I discovered the wonderful shop MouseHouseCreations.  Hayley has some gorgeous stuff in her shop and I see she's been very busy adding new things.  If you haven't checked out her store yet you should jump over and give it a look.

I ordered custom sized 18" gorgeous yarn wreaths and look how beautifully they turned out!

Monday, December 13, 2010

What I Heart Today: Handmade Holiday Gifts

I've been a very busy little bee these days getting ready for Christmas and my daughter's 1st birthday party.  This year I decided to handmake a few gifts, just had a few ideas swimming around in my head and wanted to give them a try.  I've finished my first project, appliqued pillow cases.  I got the idea to do applique after reading this great tutorial on The Cottage Home.  I won't mention who these are for in case she's reading this post, but I think she's going to love them!

Are you making anything this year?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What I Heart Today: 12th Day of Etsy Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

Last on my list is my beautiful, big, furry, black lab Boris!  What he really needs is a bath but I'm tempted to torture him with this adorable holiday collar from greenbeandog instead.

As for me, on my list today is a wish for all of you found at newleafhandmade.

In the words of Bruno Mars " I wanna be a billionaire so frickin' bad" and if I was I would buy everyone everything I've listed on my 12 days of Etsy Christmas list.  I was able to buy a few things for a few people on my list, and a thing or two for me :)  For now I'll just have to dream about the rest!

Thanks so much for joining me for the 12 Days of Etsy Christmas.  I hope I was able to give you a few good ideas as well as introduce you to the wonderful world of Etsy!  Happy holidays!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What I Heart Today: 11th Day of Etsy Christmas

On the 11th day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

My sister is on my list today, she's pretty hard to buy for. But I do know every now and again she likes to imbibe in a good cocktail (and a Rick Springfield concert, but we won't go there).  I think she'd love this print by dearcolleen.  Thanks to luvinthemommyhood for the link to this print!

I was at a good friend's on Thursday night and spotted the most adorable 3 button cowl that she had just purchased from blackhairedbroad's shop on Etsy.  I'm going to get mine in blossom and add in the matching hat (happy dance!).

Friday, December 10, 2010

What I Heart Today: Tea Children's Clothing Secret Sale!

This just in, the makers of the adorable line of Tea Childrens Clothing are having a secret sale!  Everything in the private sale is priced up to 70% off but only until midnight Sunday the 12th.  Hurry now to shop this sale for best selection, I've already got my eye on a few pieces!

What I Heart Today: Aloha!

One more break from 12 days of Etsy Christmas for a little bit of photo Friday with DeliciousBaby.  Today I'm fondly recalling a Hawaiian sunset.  Can't you just feel the sand in your toes?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What I Heart Today: 10th Day of Etsy Christmas

On the 10th day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

What a find I have for you today!  What do you buy a 12 year old boy?  My nephew just might be getting the coolest headphones ever, this great birch plywood pair from nicomonterosso's shop.

So, so precious!  Today I'm drooling over this butterfly ring from Kate's Cottage.  Yet another item that would work perfectly with my daughter Gracie's upcoming 1st birthday party.  Did I mention I've been a very good girl this year?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What I Heart Today: 9th Day of Etsy Christmas

On the 9th day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

Do you have a 13 year old girl to shop for?  I do.  And I think I may have found something for her, this great iPhone cover from SeaSideSew.

Today I'm dreaming of a white Christmas and these red shoes from Parisxox's shop.  I might actually get the white Christmas...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What I Heart Today: 8th Day of Etsy Christmas

On the 8th day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

Today I've got my best friend on my list.  She and I have been best friends for 23 years and we've had lots of good times together.  Some of my favorite times were trips spent on sunny, warm beaches.  That's why I'm considering the juicy pineapple necklace from Flowerleaf's shop.

And for me today? How great is this bracelet from Katiescreations??  And right now she's having a buy one get one half price sale.  Once again, one for someone on my list and one for me!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What I Heart Today: 7th Day of Etsy Christmas!

On the 7th day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

Today I've found something perfect for my mom.  My mom is notoriously hard to shop for because she pretty much has anything she could need accept for a 50" plasma and I'm not quite sure I have enough wrapping paper for that.  One thing that she does need, that she doesn't even know she needs, is a hip iPad cover.  I found the perfect one at farfallagialla's shop.

On Saturday we went to the lighting of the town Christmas tree (which sounds all quaint and small town but we live in Redmond, the home of Microsoft, so there is nothing small town about it).  I was all cozy in my new North Face 3/4 length jacket and my fake Ugg boots, but my ears were freezing!  I wish I'd had this hat from mojospastyle, I would have been styling.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What I Heart Today: 6th Day of Etsy Christmas!

On the 6th day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

I can't believe I've found something for my in-laws but I have, is it really going to be that simple this year?  It's a hand painted family sign.  How great of an idea is this?  You can find it at Bosheree08's shop.

Something tragic happened to me the other day, I was walking up the stairs in my house carrying my macbook and I slipped and fell.  SPLAT went my precious, my lovely little macbook.  At first glance everything seemed o.k.  Then I opened it up and everything was not o.k., I'd cracked the display, yikes!  Apple store to the rescue!  As we speak they are hard at work fixing my screen, they even said they'd throw in a new outside casing free of charge (and when has Apple ever done anything free of charge I ask you?).

On my list today is something to welcome my macbook back and make it feel loved this holiday season.  Get yours (or mine depending on who's reading this) at titleandlobe's shop.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What I Heart Today: 5th day of Etsy Christmas!

On the 5th day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

Please forgive the gratuitous adorable newborn shot.  Today I'm shopping for a friend of mine who is due with a baby boy in two weeks.  I can't wait to meet her new little bundle of joy and the way the weather has been around here lately (I'm in the Seattle suburbs and we had snow on Thanksgiving which is unheard of) that little guy will get a lot of wear out of this hat knit by a pattern from 4asong.  Now if only I knew how to knit...

In the words of Rachel Zoe "I die."  This dress is so yummy!  It's what's on my Christmas list today.  My husband's holiday party is next Friday and if I could get this dress by then it would so be mine.  What a great, funky take on traditional holiday colors.  Get yours at WildeWear's shop.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What I Heart Today: 4th Day of Etsy Christmas!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.  On the 4th day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

Today's pick is something I'm coveting for all of my mommy best friends, it's a great wall decal from ChuckEBrydWallArtShop.  Disclaimer, I bought this same saying in a print for my daughter's nursery and it has helped me stay calm through many a long night.  It's just so fitting for so many situations when you're a new mommy.

I have to admit that my, ahem, research for the "12 Days of Etsy Christmas" is getting awfully expensive!  I've already ordered two of my featured items, the yarn wreath from MouseHouseCreations and the beer lover's towel set from NestaHome.  The towels of course are a gift (which I've decided to give to friends of mine starting a beer software business instead of my husband) and I suppose since the wreaths are going on my front doors they're really for the whole family or at least that's what I tell myself to get by.  Now I'm finding it hard to resist this adorable butterfly pendant from joypeckjoy's shop.  It would be perfect for my daughter Gracie's butterfly themed first birthday party coming up!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I Heart Today: Shutterfly!

I interrupt today's regularly scheduled programming (4th day of Etsy Christmas) because I have a dilemma and I need your help!  Please help me choose my Christmas card, that's right I'm ordering my Christmas cards this early, I'm one of "those" people. 

Many of you know I was formerly a stationery designer so I'm somewhat of a paper and design snob.  I started to design this year's cards but stopped when I heard Shutterfly is now offering cards printed on premium cardstock (happy dance!), goodbye flimsy photo cards.  I'm using Shutterfly for Christmas cards for the first time and the only problem is they have so many cute designs that I just can't make up my mind.  My husband and I follow the rule of 3, always have 3 choices.  Below are my top 3 choices.  I implore you, please help me choose by leaving a comment below with your pick, card 1, 2 or 3.  I’m sticking with 5x7 only because I happened to be at the post office yesterday and bought .41 Christmas stamps for my cards, otherwise I would have gone with square which are my favorite (but take .61 stamps).  Also, I'm not one to go with traditional picks, always gotta do something different, so check out the fun, modern designs I've selected and then help me by leaving your vote!

What I Heart Today: 3rd Day of Etsy Christmas

On the third day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

My husband is the hardest man in the world to shop for.  He likes electronics but I'm not allowed to buy him any because he is so particular.  The other thing he (also which I'm not allowed to buy him because he's so particular).  But I just found the next best thing at NestaHome!  I'm buying him these great hand stamped kitchen towels.  I'm so excited that I've already found something for him!  Will share a photo of these towels once they arrive.

And now for me :)  Today I'm crushing on this retro vintage pillow from GreatGuyGifts.  I am a huge Jonathan Adler fan and this looks like something that may have inspired him!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I Heart Today: 2nd Day of Etsy Christmas

On the 2nd day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

Today I'm shopping for my 11 month old daughter.  She's a little too young to even know what's going on so this year's gift may be just a little bit more for me than her.  Since she has no interest in toys, only in items that aren't toys, like oatmeal containers and tupperware dishes, I'm thinking I might go with clothes.  After finding the world's most adorable poncho in Zarina2009's shop I just might be convinced.

As for me, today I'm dreaming about this gorgeous yarn wreath from MouseHouseCreations for my front door, but I've got double doors so Santa will have to bring me two!

Monday, November 29, 2010

What I Heart Today: 12 Days of Etsy Christmas!

In my mind today starts the official holiday shopping season, in retailers minds it started the day after Halloween.  In honor of the holiday shopping season I'm kicking off 12 Days of Etsy Christmas!  Each day I will feature a unique gift on Esty that's hopefully perfect for someone special on your list.

Today's gift is something I'm eying for my best girlfriends, a perfect place to perch your hot totty!  These are handmade tile coasters made from reclaimed tiles and graphics from vintage greeting cards for only $6.00.  Check out the whole line at Robotcandy's shop.

One for you, one for me...of course as I'm shopping for others I can't help but shop for myself.  I've recently been thinking of ditching my diaper bag for something a little more sophisticated but still roomy enough to tote around a diaper or two and I think I just may have found it at andyandme's shop.