Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I Heart Today: Google Image Search

Have you heard about the new Google image search? Not sure just how new it is but it's new to me. I had pinned the sign below but the pin didn't have a source to purchase the sign. I kept thinking and thinking about it. I tried to locate it on Etsy, no luck.

Then  I heard about Google image search, you literally input an image and Google shows you all the sites that image appears on. Here's how it works, step by step.

1. Navigate to google.com. Across the top of the page should be a black toolbar (note: I am not using Google Chrome). Click on "images."

2. The search box should now be updated with a camera icon in the far right of the search box. Click on the camera icon.

3. Here's what you should see, from here you can choose to upload the image (if you have it saved on your computer) or you can paste the image URL.

4. Once you upload the image or paste in the URL, Google will show you the results for your search, just like if you'd done a text search.

How amazingly cool is that? I was quickly able to find out that my sign is available on Susie Harris's blog. So happy to report that this great sign is coming home with me!

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