Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What I Heart Today: Woodmark Review

I had a great weekend! How about you? Mine started with an amazing, anxiety provoking Friday night. It was anxiety provoking because it was my first night away from my one and a half year old daughter. It was amazing because I spent time with my mom and sister to celebrate Mother's Day.

The photo above was the view from our room at the Woodmark Hotel on Carillon point in Kirkland, Washington. My mom, sister and I wanted a special night away so I chose the Woodmark which I've never stayed at before but had heard good things about.  The hotel staff was nice, my mom and sister checked in before me and they were given champagne upon check-in. I checked in separately but was not offered champagne (must be because I don't look old enough to drink! just kidding).

We also decided to get hot stone massages at the spa located within the Woodmark called Northwest Face Spa. I'm sorry to say the spa was a big disappointment. We started out by checking in and being shown to the tiny locker room for changing into our spa robes and slippers. We were then told to wait in the "relaxation room" where our masseurs would meet us for our massages. My mother, sister and I waited in the relaxation room and were then joined by two male spa patrons! I was shocked that they mixed men and women. And that makes five people in a relaxation room that had four chairs, not very relaxing to have some guy in a robe standing over you. Our masseurs came to greet us and take us back to the tiny treatment rooms. There was a second door in my treatment room that was obviously a door to the treatment room next door that had one of the men from the "relaxation room" in it and he decided to chat the entire time of his and my massages (so annoying!). The massage itself was good, she really worked on some problem spots I had in my neck. My mom, sister and I compared notes on our hot stone massages later and they were all different which is a little bizarre. One of the best parts about the spa is that it's connected to the hotel so we didn't even change out of our robes, we just headed back to the room and ordered room service.

All in all it was a great night, surrounded by family and that view you really can't complain. Or maybe I can because I have to say the Northwest Face Spa at the Woodmark has to be a "don't reccomend" from me.

More tomorrow about the rest of my weekend which was a trip to Portland, Oregon! Happy Tuesday!

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