Saturday, October 16, 2010

What I Heart Today: Emoms Consignment Sale

Well I'd have to say it was a successful day at the emoms consignment sale held at the Bellevue College gym.  Doors opened at 10am but I've been told the line started forming at 8am.  Even better, for those moms that are emoms members and had items to consign, there were about 100 moms that consigned, they were able to shop the night before!  The moms I spoke to that shopped the night before said you wouldn't believe how much went out the door.  I  didn't arrive until 12:30, I asked if things were pretty much picked over and they said yes, they said when the doors opened at 10am the gym was so packed you couldn't even move.  I'm not too sad I missed that, I still got some great deals.  I spent $54.50 and got 16 items.  My 4 favorite are these adorable Hanna Anderson shoes I paid $2.00 for, these cute brand new with tags Gymboree overalls I paid $7.50 for, this sweet sundress I paid $3.50 for which was never worn, and lastly this Boon faucet cover that retails for $14.00, and has been on my list of things to buy for the last month, that I got for $3.00.  I also snapped a quick pic of my daughter Gracie trying on some of her new things!  Not too shabby.

Sad you missed it?  The next sale is March 12th at the same location, Bellevue College gym, from 10am-2pm.  See you there!

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