Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I Heart Today: Sponge Language School

Have you heard of the Sponge school?  It's a language school for kids with classrooms in Redmond, Seattle, and Issaquah.  My nine month old daughter is taking the Mandarin class at the Issaquah school.  Yes, I know she can't even speak English yet but the Sponge school gives her a great start to learning a second language along with her first.  Why a second language this early? Four reasons:  1) the brain is primed to acquire language by the age of 4.  2) Learning a second language has been shown to be good for the brain.  3) Around the age of 10, children go through a developmental stage where they accept what is familiar and turn away from what is different. By making other language and culture a part of your child's life from a young age, you're more likely to get a teenager who embraces it, too.  4) My daughter loves it!

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