Friday, October 22, 2010

What I Heart Today: Pizza Friday!

Pizza Friday is one of our favorite family traditions.  We've been having homemade pizza every Friday for about the last two years.  Today was a special Friday, it was the first Friday that we allowed our 9 1/2 month old daughter to eat pizza with us (don't worry, she didn't get any pieces with jalapenos).

The first thing I have to do in honoring pizza Friday is give a shout out to Gabe & Jen Ingram who perfected the homemade pizza dough recipe we use every week, there is no other pizza dough like it!

Every Friday at 11am I start the yeast and water.  One hour later I add the yeast to the rest of the pizza dough ingredients, mix it up in my handy Kitchenaid mixer, and let rise in the microwave.  Two hours later I pull it out of the microwave, give it another quick spin in the Kitchenaid, and then back in the microwave to finish rising.  Two hours later the dough is ready to go.  I used to make my own pizza sauce every week but these days, with a little one, it's much easier to just buy it at Trader Joe's.  At our house our favorite toppings are a goat cheese cheddar, also from Trader Joe's, turkey pepperoni, jalapenos, and mushrooms.  Have I made your mouth water yet?  For even more drooling check out our pizza below.

Happy Friday!

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