Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I Heart Today: The Apple Store

It's like I hear angels singing when I walk in "Ahhhhhhhh."  Except I don't picture heaven to be as crowded, try pushing a stroller through the Apple store on Veteran's Day.  Last night my macbook died and I suspected it was the power cord so I headed straight to the Apple store today to replace it.  As soon as you walk in there's like 4 store employees there to greet you and ask you if you need any help which I absolutely love!  The employee that helped me took me straight over to an open power cord and plugged my laptop in to verify that that's what the problem was.  My husband had threatened me with an old, used Windows machine if it was more than just a power cord problem (yikes!).  Here's the part I hate about the Apple store though, the power cord alone was $80!  So standing there in the middle of the store the Apple employee rang me up by running my credit card through his phone, it was truly amazing.  I love you Apple!

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