Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Heart Today: Gracie's Birthday Dress

I finished!  This has to be a record for me because normal Michelle MO would be finishing sewing Gracie's birthday dress the night before her birthday party.  But I've got it finished a full month and a half before.  If you'll recall I was making this pattern from Oliver + S:

Well I actually finished the Oliver + S musicbox jumpert!  This is one of their easiest patterns and I have to say I still had a little trouble understanding some of the directions, there may be a few parts of the dress that aren't exactly like they're supposed to be.  However I did come out of this pattern knowing how to make buttonholes.  If you have a sewing machine made in the last decade you are definitely going to want to check out this fabulous buttonhole tutorial which is great for 1 step buttonholes, my machine is 30 years old and I have to do what is called a 4 step buttonhole (thanks to Sue at Issaquah Sewing and Vacuum for telling me that). I wish the light was better for my photo but it's a grey, rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest.  Without further ado here it is!

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