Sunday, December 5, 2010

What I Heart Today: 6th Day of Etsy Christmas!

On the 6th day of Christmas Etsy gave to me...

I can't believe I've found something for my in-laws but I have, is it really going to be that simple this year?  It's a hand painted family sign.  How great of an idea is this?  You can find it at Bosheree08's shop.

Something tragic happened to me the other day, I was walking up the stairs in my house carrying my macbook and I slipped and fell.  SPLAT went my precious, my lovely little macbook.  At first glance everything seemed o.k.  Then I opened it up and everything was not o.k., I'd cracked the display, yikes!  Apple store to the rescue!  As we speak they are hard at work fixing my screen, they even said they'd throw in a new outside casing free of charge (and when has Apple ever done anything free of charge I ask you?).

On my list today is something to welcome my macbook back and make it feel loved this holiday season.  Get yours (or mine depending on who's reading this) at titleandlobe's shop.

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